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Gourmet Breakfast Buffet:

Start your day off right with a wholesome and invigorating gourmet breakfast buffet till 11 o`clock. You will find a tempting and tasty variaty of foods to choose from.

You'll get from our buffet among other things: Scrambled eggs, backed tomatoes with cheese, sausage, furnace-fresh baking goods, fresh fruits, cakes, juices, different mueslis, yogurts, quark as well as various specialities of sausage, cheese, fish and ham.

Daily sparkling wine breakfast. No additional cost!
Sparkling wine breakfast. - A view of the Watzmann mountain

Coffee and tea incl. 24 hours 

Enjoy a magnificent and breath-taking view of the majestic Watzmann mountain from our sunny breakfast area.

If you let the view affect itself, you'll enjoy the morning sun...